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SCM Sandya 10/S RCS two head 43" wide belt sander
Sandya 10/S RCS
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Used SCM Sandya 10/S RCS 110 SW 43 inch 2-Head Wide Belt Sander complete with the following:

     *230/440 volt, wired 440 volts

     * Serial# AE/019744


            Standard Equipment:

            - First sanding group grooved steel calibrating roller with 180mm (7 in.) diameter

                        30 hp @ 60 hz main motor sanding at 18 meters per minute

- Second sanding group combination head with 180mm (7 in.) 45 shore grooved rubber finishing roller and finishing platen

                        One 2 in. pad inserts for sanding platen for solid wood

                        18 hp @ 60 hz main motor sanding at 18 meters per minute


            Machine Standard Options:

- Grooved rubber coated pressure roller in first position for increased panel grip with multiple pieces

            - Rubber pressing roller in position 2-3

            - 2.5 hp variable speed feed unit. Feed speed is from 15 fpm to 70 fpm

            - Automatic conveyor belt tracking

            - 2 roller Infeed and outfeed table extensions

            - Extra sturdy robotic welded base with top ground for zero reference point

            - Control panel with dust proof membrane keyboard

            - Automatic Table Positioning Device

            - Electronic digital thickness readout of work table position

- Powered table lifting by means of four heavy duty motor and lifting columns double fastened at both top and bottom of the lifting columns to provide exceptional table stability

- Accurate and reliable electronic tracking of abrasive belt and air jet cleaning device

- Pneumatic belt tensioning with center fulcrum to compensate for tapering of abrasive belt

            - Front and rear emergency stop buttons


            Machine Standard Options cont.

            - Automatic trouble shooting panel and emergency stop of machine for:

                        - sanding belt breaking, tensioning, overtracking

                        - opening of the access door to the operating groups

                        - absence of compressed air

                        - overload on main motors

- Amperage meter for main motors allows maximum utilization of available horsepower

            - Main disconnect switch with the ability to be locked out by padlock

            - In feed flexible steel hold down , and anti kick back plate

            - 3/8 in. thick 50 shore, negative profile (waffle style) rubber feed mat



            - Working Width                                                         43 “

            - Number of Heads Available                                     2

            - Motor HP Available:

                        First Sanding Group                                        30 hp

                        Second Sanding Group                                    18 hp

                        Feed Motor                                                     2.5 hp

            - Maximum Work piece Thickness                              6.25 in.

            - Minimum Work piece Length                                    16 inches

            - Abrasive Belt Size                                                    43 in. X 103 in.

            - Compressed Air Requirements                                 5 cfm. @ 80 psi.

            - Dust Outlets                                                              2 outlets @ 6.25 in.

            - Exhaust Requirements                                               2400 cfm.

            - Power Requirements                                                 127 amps @ 230 Volts

            - Approximate Machine Weight                                  4,000 lbs.

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