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Gabbiani Galaxy 3-T3 130 Panel Saw
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Gabbiani Galaxy 3-T3 130 Panel Saw
Galaxy 3-T3 130
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Technical data
  GALAXY 3 130 A - 130 GALAXY T3 130 A - 130
Technical data Frontal loading Lifting table
Cutting dimension mm 3200x3200 3200x1850 - 3200x2440
    3800x3800 3800x1850 - 3800x2440
    4500x4300 4500x2440
Blade protrusion mm 130
Main blade engine kW 15 - 18
Saw carriage speed m/min 170
Pusher speed m/min 135
Optional equipments to cut plastic materials (with version 130)

High performance automatic single beam panel saw

New single beam panel saw  offers high performance in quality for cut finishing and speed working in order to meet the production needs of the furniture companies.

It is the ideal solution for companies requiring to process small to medium batches. GALAXY 130 A offers processing solutions to satisfy every single customer demand. 

HI-TRONIC DEVICE : high technology on the saw carriage
Very high quality finishing cutting standards together with high speed and precision with the total electronic control of the blades.

FLEXCUT 1/D: more cuts in less time
High efficiency due to the use of 2 pushers with a completely independent stroke.
Drastic reduction in machining cycle times due to the simultaneous processing of several bars with different cuts.
In version 1/D, extreme flexibility is achieved as the mobile unit is fitted with two grippers, one of which can be excluded,
therefore guaranteeing a wide variability in the width of the strips that can be gripped
PRISMATIC GUIDES WITH RECIRCULATING SPHERES : maximum linearity and minimum friction.
Increased productivity capacity both with high speed, that can be reached during the feeding stroke (100 m/min with a single sheet, 50 m/min with a panel stack), and a return stroke (up to 170 m/min).
Centralised lubrication and verified by the guides control and guarantees the complete lack of maintenance.
PUSHER BEAM: maximum linearity and long time precision
Fast cycle times with high speeds in the return stroke (up to 135 m/min)
Centralised and automated lubrication system that is managed by the PC (video monitoring ) ensures the lack of maintenance.
STORAGE SYSTEM TO BE INTEGRATED: to satisfy all possible production requirements
High versatility thanks to the possible integration with Mahros loading and unloading systems.
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Gabbiani Galaxy 3-T3 130 Panel Saw

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