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SCM T160 Vanguard shaper
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SCM T160 Vanguard shaper
T160 Vanguard
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Used SCM T160 Vanguard CNC Manual Machine Center with HSK Tool Change and Tilting Spindle and complete with the following:


*13.5HP, 3PH electro spindle, 230/460 volt, wired 460 volts

* Steff 2048 stock feeder



- Table dimensions                                                        47” x 29.5”

- Table height                                                                  37”

- Spindle tilting (degrees)                                             + 45 to -45

- Working height of spindle (under the nut)                140mm (5.5”)

- Profile fence range (205mm stroke)                         -75mm to 130mm (-2.9” to 5”)

- HSK 63B spindle holder                                             1 ¼” diameter spindles

- Max. tool diameter with profile fence                         250mm (10”)

- Max. tool dia. Retractable under table                       320mm x 75mm (12” x 2.9”)

- Spindle speeds (inverter)                                           900 to 10,000 rpm

- Dust outlet on fence and rear base                           4-1/2” & 6”

- Overall dimensions                                                     98” x 29” x 36”

- Net weight                                                                     1700 lbs.


Electric & Dust Requirements:

- 45 amps @ 230V, 8 AUG CU THHN Wire

- Min. working air pressure                                          6 bar (87 psi)

- 680 CFM x 2 outlets for dust extraction



- Multi shift production

- 7+ axis integrated touch screen PC (EP6007) control over:  spindle speed, height & angle, fence

Infeed & outfeed, sectioned table, feeder support vert. & horiz.  Program storage for up

To 999 programs

- Liquid cooled 13.5HP electro spindle with maximum power available starting at 3000 rpm

- Inverter control of electro spindle with range fro 900 to 10000 rpm and electronic brake

- Pneumatic HSK tool change system with air blower system for clean contact surfaces and safety sensors for tool change operation monitoring:  spindle rotation, tool taper lock go / no-go sensor

- Spindle vertical movement on two precision linear guides, and tilt movement on precision arch formed dovetail trunion through recirculating ball screw drives.

- Flex profiling fence system with 205mm stroke referenced to the center of the spindle shaft, with movement on two linear guides by recirculating ball screw.  Fence includes the ability to stroke behind spindle

- Spindle tilt angle from +45 to -45 degrees with maximum possible tool projection through angle range

- Upper mobile control panel

- Fast:  sectional table to adjust for tool diameter

- Powered cross support mount for feeder with readout

- Aluminum fences

- Magnetic starter with overload protection

- Low tension circuit (110V by transformer)

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SCM T160 Vanguard shaper

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