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SCM Pratix 48 NST CNC router
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SCM Pratix 48 NST CNC router
Pratix 48 NST
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High quality, fast precise machining thanks to:

- monoblock steel base and mobile upright that is normalized to ensure stability,

  increase structural integrity and provide maximum working precision

- prismatic section of the frame with a large support surface to guarantee

  high machine stability and ensure easy cleaning  of the working area


- The multifunction worktable is made completely of aluminum alloy to provide a perfectly flat machining surface over the life of the machine even if there are significant humidity and temperature variations.

- The worktable is directly fixed to the machine base for strength and to prevent vibrations

- Integrated internal piping for the vacuum system

- Along the entire surface there are holes set 120 mm apart for the vacuum and grooves running 40 mm apart for fixing the workpiece using simple rubber seals

- Retractable reference stops controlled by NC for fixed references during workpiece positioning and for the program origin.


Maximum working precision thanks to:

- The use of prismatic linear guides and preloaded recirculating ball bearings for the X, Y and Z axes.  These provide higher performance in terms of movement quality and longevity.

- Movement through very high precision recirculating ball screws with

  preloading system with zero backlash for maximum positioning precision.

- Easy and quick movements without any vibrations through the computerized

  control of acceleration by means of digital brushless motors and

- Balancing system for the "Z" axis movement.


- Routing unit fitted with a power electrospindle and automatic tool changer.  The unit is fixed directly to the machine mobile upright

1. "Power 2000" Routing Unit 

   * POWER 2000 electrospindle

   * HSK F 63 quick release tool-holder

   * 900-18000 rpm spindle speed    

   * 7,5 KW (10 HP) constant motor power from 9000 to 18.000 rpm

   * right and left rotation

   * static inverter for continuous speed and rapid shutdown of rotation

   * cooling by coaxial air flow

     exhaust hood around whole perimeter

2.  F 9 Boring Unit       

    * no. 5 independent vertical spindles (2 right and 3 left)

    * no.4 horizontal spindles (1+1 along "X" direction and 1+1 along "Y"

      direction) (2 right and 2 left)

    * attachment for bits: M10 / 11 mm diameter

    * Center-to-center distance between axes: 32 mm

    * rotation speed: 4.000 rpm

    * 2,2 KW motor power

    * vertical ON/OFF stroke of whole unit: 235 mm (9.25”)

    * vertical ON/OFF stroke of each spindle: 60 mm (2.36”)

    * exhaust hood around whole perimeter

3. RAPID 8  TOOL CHANGER (rear)   

    * no. 8 stations

    * center-to-center distance between stations: 92 mm (3.62”)

    * maximum weight per tool: 6 kg (13.23 lbs)

    * maximum weight on tool box: 24 kg (52.91 lbs)

    * the tool box can house:

      - no. 8 tools, 80 mm diameter  (3.15”)

      - max. tool diameter: 180 mm (7.09)

    * positioned on the rear part of the mobile upright

General features of operating units

- The operating units are complete with a dust extraction system to ensure the

   maximum cleaning of the working area.

- inverter size according to the power of the installed electrospindle

- protection of operating group and devices in conformity with 

  international safety regulations

- pneumatic system and electrical installation in conformity with USA safety


Photocells and Protective Cage

Due to the increased speeds of today’s machining centers, the  Pratix 48 NST is equipped with two photocells.  The photocells allow for  safe loading/unloading of the machine.  The sides and rear of the machine are also surrounded by a protective cage to prevent intrusion during operation.


The Pratix 48 NST uses an office PC for operator interface.  This Windows based platform utilizes a CN unit to communicate with the machine via fiber optic connections.

Minimum hardware specifications:

15" VGA color display with high graphic resolution and luminousness

- Super VGA screen card

- Alphanumerical keyboard

- Pentium processor

- 40 Gbyte Hard disk

- 1,4 mbyte, 3" 1/2 inch floppy disk drive (MS-DOS compatible)

- CD ROM Drive, 52x minimum

- 128 MB Ram

- 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port and 2 USB ports ( for the connection to any

  type of peripherical line: bar code reader, modem, printer)     

- Possibility to inserting any network card

  1. Possibility to use any mouse

Xilog Plus Operating Software Features:

  • Program creation with on-board helps
  • On board Parametric Programming
  • Head Configuration Graphics
  • Part Graphics for Quick and Easy Checking of Program Results
  • Programming in Millimeters or Inches
  • On-line Help for All Program Functions to Permit Use Even by Inexperienced Operators
  • Graphic Help Screen for Boring and Routing Operations
  • Zoom Function for Precise Checking of Individual Machining Steps
  • Panel Origin Change Facility to Profile Angled or Curved Sides
  • Work Speed Adjustment to Select the Optimum Speed According to the Material and Machining Process Required                   
  • Routing Hold Function to Stop Machining


Worktable dimensions:

            Length                                      2690 mm (105.91”")              

            Width                                      1240 mm (48.82")

Maximum Panel clearance                  75mm (2.95”)

Maximum Z axis stroke                       330mm (12.99”)

Spindle (main) motor:

            Size (9 spindles)                                 3 HP

            Spindle rotation speed                        4000 RPM

Maximum vectorial positioning speeds:

            X axis                                      67        meters/minute              (219 feet/minute)

            Y axis                                      67        meters/minute              (219 feet/minute)

            Z axis                                      25        meters/minute              (  82 feet/minute)

Machine Weight                                  7,700 lbs.

*Quantity:  2                                        300 Cubic Meter per Hour Vacuum Pump


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