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SCM Superset 23 XL moulder
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SCM Superset 23 XL moulder
Superset 23 XL
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1 – Used SUPERSET 23-005 XL 6000 Automatic Through-feed Moulder

  • Serial# AB/146698
  • 230 volt



Machine bed

The machine bed is of thick steel with strongly ribbed structure and monobloc steel supporting base. The sturdiness and weight of base reduces vibrations to a minimum as well as guaranteeing life-long constant high quality performance. Especially with the heavy-duty precision cast iron motor mounts mounted to the machine base


The infeed worktable has a parallelogram system vertical adjustment.  Worktables are of wear resistant special cast iron with low friction coefficient and are equipped with inserts in front of the vertical spindles. The table plates are separate from the vertical dovetail slide-ways providing a better reference and wearing area.


Width of the right infeed fence is adjusted by a parallelogram system with readout in fraction scale. Pre-straightening is carried out by a reference engraver (tool excluded) on first bottom planer spindle. The right fences are easily adjustable to the tooling cutting circle. 


The spindles are hardened to avoid wear and are fitted with a pair of precision matched bearings on the spindle. The 120-mm (4.750”) diameter steel spindle cylinder ensures maximum stiffness and precision even during heavy duty machining. The maximum working width of 9.055” is supported by an 11.500” length spindle housing insuring stability for wider profile widths. Other companies provide shorter housing lengths than the actual spindle length.

Feed system

The beam, which supports the feed system (Total of 2), is powered by a lifting motor, which is combined with the top horizontal spindle. The beam automatically sets itself to any new tooling diameter. Feed rollers are driven by a set of hardened gears with oil bath lubrication (rear end) and universal drive joints, guaranteeing maximum reliability and constant feed even during heavy duty machining. The feed rollers are pneumatically pressurized with triple circuit control (roller before planer, between planer and top horizontal spindle and after top horizontal spindle) enabling optimal feed in accordance with the workpiece to be processed. Feed speed is continuously adjustable from the operator’s position through variable speed gear.  A powered bed roller on the outfeed table further improves feed when dealing with particular operations. Spindles and feed rollers are of steel with hardened chromed surfaces with optimum penetration through the wood.

Positioning of head units

The adjustment of head units is controlled from the front of the machine with mechanical decimal readouts for each spindle adjustment (radial and axial) to .001”. The readout display of workpiece width and thickness section is done by mechanical decimal indicators are placed on the front side of the machine. These are separate from the other readouts, providing a high accuracy of the wood width and thickness position of the left and top spindle.

"SET UP" quick tool setting system

This is a patented unique SCM system, which ensures maximum rapidity and simplicity in setting-up one profile to the next profile.

All spindles are fitted with "SET UP", the quick set-up system which enables most of the machine elements to be set in only one movement; Just set the minimum diameter of the tool (when dealing with a top horizontal spindle). The tool, working thickness, front and rear pressures and feed rollers are simultaneously adjusted. Only SCM has this Patent feature to increase productivity and eliminate downtime. Other companies require 4-6 different adjustments to SCM’S 1 adjustment! Your running product ($$$) before they even can finish the tool set-up!

Ergonomics and Sound Enclosure

All the controls are placed on the front side of the machine in an optimal position for easy access and use. The integral safety enclosure reduces noise and dust, guaranteeing a full view of the machine at the same time. The entire sound enclosure is of heavy steel with sound insert padding to reduce the noise level to CE standards and provide a safety barrier.


SPECIFICATIONS:                                                                             Inch - MM

- Min. working width capacity (finished section)                                     .98” / 25 mm *

- Max. working width capacity (finished section)                                    9.055” / 230 mm **

- Min. workpiece thickness (finished section)                                         .234” / 6 mm ***

- Max. workpiece thickness  (finished section)                                       4.72” / 120 mm ****

- Min. length of single workpiece                                                                       24.5” / 620 mm *****

- Feed speed                                                                                        16 - 136 ft/min

- Speed of spindles                                                                               6000 rpm

- Diameter of spindles                                                                           1 13/16”

- Working length capacity of  vertical spindles                                       5.5” / 140 mm

- Working length capacity of horizontal spindles                                     9.84” / 250 mm

- Length of universal spindle (optional)                                                   9.44” / 240 mm

- **Axial adjustment of vertical spindles compared to worktable          3.125” / 80 mm

- Axial adjustment of horizontal spindles compared to right fence                        1.77” / 45 mm

- Min./max. diameter of surface planer tool                                            120/140 mm

- Min./max. diameter of profiling tools                                                    100/200 mm******

-  Profiling capacity on 2nd bottom horizontal with 200 mm. diam.           15  mm depth

- Spindle housing diameter                                                                    4 ¾” / 120 mm

- Diameter of feed rollers                                                                       5.51” / 140 mm

- Length of infeed table                                                                          6.6’ / 2000 mm

- Rapid adjustment of worktable and infeed fence                                   3/8” / 10 mm

- Worktable with hardened insert placed before planer                            STD

- One idle pressure roller in front of right vertical spindle and                  STD

- 2 feed rollers 140 x 25 for each feed hub                                             STD

- Working tools for machine adjustments are included                            STD



*             15 mm. min. working width with relative optional

**            with 145 mm. diam. tool on left vertical spindle with 125 mm. diam. tool on left vertical for Superset 23 in electronic version

***        10 mm with electronically controlled positioning

****      with 145 mm diam. tool on top horizontal spindle

*****    450 mm. min. length with relative optional

******     40 mm. profiling capacity under worktable on left vertical spindle

Spindle Configuration:



SUPERSET 23 XL Composition 5





       Pos. 4                   Pos. 2


 Pos. 5          Pos. 3          Pos. 1



Feed         =                                          3.5 HP

Position 1 = planer spindle                     12 HP

Position 2 = right vertical spindle                9HP

Position 3 = left vertical spindle                  9HP

Position 4 = top horizontal spindle             18HP

Position 5 = bottom horizontal spindle       12HP 


Machine includes the following items:


·    Mechanical spindle brakes on spindles 1-5

·    Pneumatic exclusion from control panel of feed unit placed before planer spindle

·      Side pressure roller placed before planer with pneumatic exclusion from main control panel

·      Front pneumatic receding chipbreaker before top horizontal spindle.

·      Manual table lubrication pump for worktable located on the infeed table for the operator.

·      Manual centralized lubrication points from the front side of the machine, color-coded for production maintenance schedule.

·      165 mm diam. reference engraver for 140 mm diam. planer cutterhead

·      Table inserts by vertical spindles

·      Hold down roller in front of right vertical spindle

  •     Step pressure shoe
  •     Radius tool stand


10% +  /- 5%Allowable voltage fluctuation

4,850 CFM 5,000 FPM



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