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SCM Sigma 65C 32PC front loading panel saw
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SCM Sigma 65C 32PC front loading panel saw
Sigma 65C 32PC
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The SCM "SIGMA 65C 32 " is a precision panel saw suitable for automatic rip and cross cut operations using an electronic pusher equipped with clamps.  This panel saw, one of many offered by SCM, capitalizes on over forty years of panel saw manufacturing experience.


Maximum cutting length                                  3200 mm (10.5’)

Maximum cutting width                                   3200 mm (10.5’)

Blade Projection                                              65mm (2.56")

Main saw motor                                                12.0 HP

Scoring saw motor                                           2.0 HP

Main saw blade diameter                                 300 mm (11.81”) 80mm Spindle Diameter

Scoring saw blade diameter                             160 mm (2.16") 55 mm Spindle Diameter

Scoring adjustment:                                        Manual adjustment utilizing precise, digital indicators

Saw blade RPM                                                4600 RPM

Scorer RPM                                                      6200 RPM

Saw carriage feed speed                                  (50 / 100 ft/min.)

Saw carriage return speed                                (100 ft/min.)

Pusher speed:

            Infeed speed                                          12 m/min. (40 ft/min)

               Return speed                                      12 m/min. (40 ft. /min.)    

Operating air pressure                                     7 ATM (95 to105 P.S.I.)

Dust extraction velocity required                   2100  CFM

Electronics                                                      55 AMPS @ 230 volts 3-phase, 60 Hz

Roller-way supports                                         Industrial PVC coated rollers


Pre-stressed steel machine base with precision saw bed, designed to allow easy access to the internal mechanical parts for service and maintenance purposes.


The Sigma 65C 32 PC uses a very innovative saw carriage with two independent motors for the main and scoring saw blades, with heavy-duty frame steel construction. The saw carriage runs on accurate hardened rails, leaving the return speed set on maximum output. The saw carriage vertical movement on THK guides reduce vibration, provide higher precision and a quality finish.

The dust produced in the carriage area during the cutting operations is discharged from the machine by means of an extraction channel placed at the base of the machine, which is to be connected to the main dust collection system.


The pressure beam contains 9 cutouts allowing optimum positioning of the clamps and faster cycle times during the final end trim cuts. This allows the fastest cycle time available in the industry and allows accurate and final positioning of the book height while the entire pack remains clamped. 

The pressure beam slides on bilateral guides and the vertical movement is obtained by two pneumatic cylinders with adjustable air pressure. Rack/pinion coupling ensures the perfect parallelism between the pressure beam and the machine bed, guarantying equal pressure on all material, especially when thin and wavy materials are used.


The pusher unit consists of a sturdy tubular steel beam equipped with 6 clamps on the 3200 series panel saws.  Return speeds are fixed at their maximum rate to provide the highest level of productivity.



SCM was the first company to use true PC units on its Panel Saws since 1990. Our PC systems allow flexibility not only from the operating stand point of the saw but also allow you to distribute all the relevant information required for a Tri-Cell environment (from panel saw to edge-banding to the point to point machining). If the PC where to fail for any reason, you would be able to be up-and running with a standard office PC (IBM Compatible), thus virtually eliminating any possible downtime. This is a true NON-PROPRIETARY PC, that will never be outdated.  As software advancement changes on a yearly basis, this would normally become a nuisance for you to upgrade your PLC/Controller or even possibly your saw.  With the Seziona software, upgrades are trouble free and free of charge to you for future advancements of the software.

The PC Operates with the PLC as the following:

·       The operator has the option of moving through the use of F-key stokes or by pointing a mouse (Optional), furthermore the program guides the user through everyday programming by prompting the operator for the next input or step. During automatic operations the user loads the programs to be run and the PC guides the user through the cutting sequence both graphically and by text descriptions. Changes in the pattern colors simulate the actual cut to let the operator know what parts are coming off the saw and which require further cutting (third phase cuts). The saw gives a word by word description of what the saw is doing at the current cutting sequence, so the operator can read along with the cutting sequence.

·       Unit of measurement: millimeters-tenths or inches-thousandths. Operator interface in the following languages: Italian, French, English, and Spanish

·       5 different cutting levels: precutting/x/y/u/v/p, allowing you the best possible cutting solutions for yield and productivity. 100 cutting lines are provided for a program list.     

·       The PC greatly increase productivity by allowing the operator to write and prepare cutting list while the saw is running in the Automatic Cutting Mode (Multi-tasking).

  • Diagnostics: The PC constantly monitors all functions of the machine.  Thus if the machine stops working for any reason, the operator can refer to a diagnostics screen to determine what and where the problem is and how to fix it.  This practically eliminates downtime. The location of the exact in/output are given and the PLC location where required. Plus the operator can log his own notes for future use providing him with a maintenance history. The diagnostic software can be running while the machine is in operation to monitor input and outputs.

·       Production reports may also be generated and saved on a floppy disk, which provides you with actual production statistics. Start and stop times of the program, volume and square feet are saved on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

  • Cutty – On Line Optimizer: Allows for 2 different sheet sizes and 22 different parts. Each part is allowed a maximum quantity of 300.
  • The system can also be upgraded with special external software connections for the purpose of sheet and pattern stock OPTIMIZATION for the SCM Panel Saw + Drilling programs and labeling for edge-banders and point to point drilling centers. Please ask for details. Serial port is already available. Links are available from different sub-suppliers of optimization and drilling programs widely available in the industry.
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SCM Sigma 65C 32PC front loading panel saw

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